who we are


Lakeland Asset Management Group can provide asset management and advisory services as well as invest in various asset classes. Our vast combined experience of over 200 years will guide your assets and portfolio to safer financial ground and a stronger, long-term position.

Lakeland Asset Management Group offers a full range of services providing solutions for:

Lakeland Asset Management provides complete project management responsibility, incorporating concept development, estimating and budgeting, planning and scheduling, cost control, coordination and supervision of sub-consultants and subcontractors

Lakeland Asset Management Group assists lenders with deep background knowledge of real estate, development, finance and construction..

Lakeland Asset Management Group manages both performing and distressed assets including hotels, residential properties, parking properties, retail properties and office properties.

Lakeland Asset Management Group provides a wide variety of services from property valuation, value and performance advisory, condition of assets, legal firm advisory, etc.

Lakeland Asset Management Group purchases commercial, multifamily and hotel assets for its own portfolio. Target market properties include retail, select office, warehouse, multi-family properties and hotels. Lakeland Asset Management Group also represents clients providing advisory, underwriting, management and funding services for both US based clients and foreign clients alike.

Critical financial and operational issues, often resulting in limited capital resources, strained customer and financial relationships, liquidity problems, property sales and vendor issues.

Lakeland Asset Management Group provides support to investors whose real estate investments are not performing to the projected levels anticipated.

Lakeland Asset Management Group has the unique history and ability to provide foreign investor advisory services.